Message Ninja is ready to help you!This is the Transcript of Message Ninja's handy "How to" Guide

Part 1: Recording – Why Should You Record Your Own Voicemail?

Are you thinking about recording your own voicemail message? We really recommend that our customers take the time to craft a voicemail message just for their target market, and then record it in their own voice. By doing so, your target audience can hear directly from you, can feel your passion for what you do, and will feel motivated to take action!

Writing a voicemail script for your upcoming campaign is a fun and rewarding process. Play the next part in our handy “How to” series to get some tips and tricks!

Part 2: Tips and Tricks for Writing a Script

Now it's time to write your voicemail script. If you've ever recorded your own voicemail message, and needed to re-record because you flubbed something, you can imagine why having a written script to read from can be of value.

So where should you start? It's important first to think about your script. What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? What is the call to action? That means, what do you want your hearers to actually do after they’ve heard your message? Should they tell you they’ve received your voicemail coupon? Should they visit a specific URL?

This information will drive your script. Remember, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention and your overall script can't be longer than 60 seconds. If you need help writing your script, why not contact an Account Director who will help you with your order? These professionals have a lot of marketing and sales experience and can help you craft just the right message. You’ll reach them at 877-34 NINJA, that’s 877-346-4652.

Once you have your script in hand, practice reading aloud to yourself. Focus on enunciating each word so that your message is clear and smile while you're reading! Your interest and commitment will show through in your words and your audience will hear the smile in your voice!

Recording a voicemail message is easy and you have a few ways that you can do it. Play the next part in our handy “How to” Series to learn how to record a script on your Computer!

Part 3, Recording a Voicemail on Your Computer

You can use your computer to record your message by connecting a USB microphone or you can use headphones with an integrated mic. You’ll just open your voice recording program, and hit record when you’re ready. Remember to speak clearly and enunciate!

When you’re happy with your result, save your recording with a clear file name. We recommend including your name, or your business’ name, as well as the date that you recorded your message. How come? Well, since you likely plan to use Message Ninja Ringless Voicemail Messages to touch your market multiple times in the weeks and months ahead, having a date in the file name will make tracking your messages easier!

Recording a voicemail message is easy and you have another option to do it on your smart device! Play the next part in our handy series to learn how.

Part 4, Recording a Voicemail on Your Smart Device

You can use your smart device – like your iPhone, iPad, smart phone, or tablet – to record your message. First you’ll locate the voice recorder app on your device. If you do not have a voice recording app, you can download any app that appeals to you from the App Store that supports your device.

Once you have the voice recording app located or installed, you’ll want to test it. This means recording your voice by holding your device a few inches from your face in a quiet location and speaking clearly into the microphone. Once you have played back your recording, you'll know if you need to hold your phone closer or farther away. As always, remember to speak clearly and enunciate!

When it comes time to record your actual voicemail message, open your voice recording app, take a deep breath, hold your script up where you can see it, and hit the record button. After you play your recording back, you can decide if you need to re-record it or if you're satisfied. Your device will suggest saving your recording. Make sure to do so. Once the recording is saved, you can hit the “Share” button within the app to send the recording to an email address or to upload it to an online service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Any of these options is fine as long as you remember where to go find your recording!

At this point, you’ll want to save your recording to an easy-to-find folder on your computer so that you have a handy copy of it. You may also need to rename your file. We recommend including your name or your business’ name, as well as the date that you recorded your message. Why? We believe that when you see how effective Message Ninja Ringless Voicemail marketing truly is, you’ll want to set up additional campaigns. Including the recording date in the file name will make tracking your messages easier!

Transmitting your voicemail recording is the last step! Play the final part in our handy “How to” Series to learn how to transmit voicemail details—including your recording—to Message Ninja!

Part 5, Transmitting Your Message to Message Ninja

When you purchased Ringless Voicemail Message credits from Message Ninja, you got a confirmation email directing you to a link where you can tell us the details of your campaign and upload your .mp3, .m4a, or .wav file. We’ll look for it there!

You may also work with the Message Ninja Account Director who helped you through the buying process. If you have any questions, of course you’re welcome to connect with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. But now, isn’t it time to call us at 877-34 NINJA? That’s 877-346-4652. We can’t wait to work with you!