the man on a computer switchboard represents call centers

Change your call center to a profit center

How is your marketing ROI? Sometimes call centers have high employee turnover due to “burn out” and the demands of the industry. Instead of hiring new employees, why not invest your time and money in ringless voicemail marketing? This new cell phone technology platform is a new innovative marketing tool used to generate new prospects and leads.

Think about it—no more outbound calling. You can create personalized messages for each customer you are prospecting for and target as many geographic areas as you want advertising and promoting their businesses. With this compliant voicemail marketing tool, your business will have legal access to a multitude of cell phone voice mails, simplifying your process and saving you time and money while generating business leads for your customers.

This unique marketing platform is FCC, TCPA and CRTC compliant. Can spam, ad texting or robo call rules do not apply. Imagine unlimited leads and prospects you can generate for your customers all at the touch of a button and for only a few pennies per marketing touch! Contact Message Ninja today to learn more about this new and exciting return on your investment!