the couple sitting at a table speaking with a woman in a business suit represents tax services

Tax Season is just around the corner—Are you looking to build your client database?

Time is flying by—the year 2015 is almost behind us! Have you planned your marketing strategy to gain new clients and growth for the 2016 tax season? Building your client base takes time. And, ensuring you maintain your existing customers is important to sustain your tax preparation or CPA business. This is where Message Ninja comes in—to assist you with expanding your business opportunities through ringless voicemail marketing.

Through this new cellphone technology platform, you determine the voicemail message and audience you want to broadcast your tax services to. Your messages are delivered directly to the voicemails of cellphone users, with no interruptions to their day. This is a compliant marketing system to share your unique message quickly for a few pennies per marketing touch. Contact Message Ninja today to learn more about this new innovative marketing opportunity!