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Message Ninja Serves Up Delicious Marketing Campaigns!

Everyone knows that even the most successful restaurants can have extremely slim margins. It’s up to restaurant owners to keep their customers fed, happy and coming back for more. But with so many marketing options out there, how do you determine how to best use your marketing budget? Message Ninja will make that decision a piece of cake.

Imagine quickly notifying your regulars of menu changes, themed nights, or extended service hours. Or, sending a personal greeting and introduction when you move to a new neighborhood. Message Ninja makes personalized marketing to restaurant customers easy and affordable.

Are Your Taste Buds Watering?

Let’s talk about how it works. You write the recipe for the message and record it. We can send it to the cell phone inbox of your existing customer base, or we can create a list for you based on cell phone numbers in your neighborhood. All we need is a city/state or Zip code – whichever makes the most sense for your restaurant. Decide when you’d like to send it out and we’ll take it from there!

Marketing That’s Appetizing for Everyone

Your ringless voicemail message is delivered directly to the inbox of the recipient. This means their phone won’t start ringing at an inconvenient moment (like in the middle of a meal!), they’ll just receive a notification of a new message. This allows them to listen to your message at their leisure – like a perfectly timed snack.

Easy-to-Digest Pricing

Message Ninja offers five-star marketing on a budget – our ringless voicemail messages start at around nine cents per delivered message! Since our response rate is in excess of 10%, our marketing campaigns are five times as effective as traditional methods.

Now that you’ve had an appetizer, let’s get started on the main course. Contact us using the form below and let’s get to work on your ringless voicemail campaign!

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