the hands being massaged represents chiropractor and massage offices

Is your chiropractor or massage office in a good location? Do you need help reaching the public?

Do you have the assurance that you can maintain your clientele for your chiropractic or massage practice in your competitive field? Client retention is important and properly advertising your business is critical to gaining and retaining your customers. But there's a lot to do each day, and not every office has a dedicated marketing professional on the team. As well, it takes time to get the word out and build a great reputation. That's why we're here: Message Ninja can help you streamline your outbound marketing efforts and make your job that much easier!

Leverage Message Ninja's ringless voicemail messaging platform to share specific cell phone voicemails with people in your area. This innovative marketing technology can help you get your message to hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of people more quickly and more cheaply than any other direct marketing strategy. Open up new markets, follow up on other marketing efforts, and reach more people than you thought possible.

Have you been building a database of clients' cell phone numbers? Why not cost-effectively share a voicemail message to them to thank them for their patronage and offer a special clients-only promotion? Messaging like this will reinforce why they keep coming back to you instead of trying out your competition!

Message Ninja Ringless Voicemail Messaging is FCC, TCPA and CRTC compliant and it costs just pennies per successfully delivered message... That's right: you only pay for success transmissions, so for once, you truly get what you pay for.  Contact Message Ninja today to hear more information about this exciting cell phone marketing platform!