the plastic balls in the care represent lotteries

Use our ringless voicemail technology to help raise money for your lottery

Everyone likes to daydream about winning money and there are millions of people in North America who, even though their purse strings may be tight, will set aside a few extra dollars to play on the lottery. And, often, people have a tendency to spend a little more than anticipated. The larger the lottery amount, the more people will want to invest, giving them more chances to win. The lottery business is unpredictable; sometimes you may have more people spending money on the lottery, and sometimes your sales fall off. During those times, you need quick turnaround to be fast to market and promote the lottery. This is where the Message Ninja can help to grow and expand your lottery audience.

Introducing our new cellphone technology platform—ringless voicemail marketing. This compliant marketing system allows you to deliver your specific and persuading message to a multitude of voicemails, generating leads for your lottery. You can choose different geographic areas at just pennies per marketing touch!

More than 320 million people living in North America have cell phones and the voicemail open rate is at least 95%. Contact Message Ninja and let us show you the way to generating more leads for your next lottery!