the woman in front of her lap top looking straight forward represents insurance companies

Everyone needs insurance, but does your insurance company stay ahead in this competitive market?

The insurance business is a very competitive market. And, the public has an extensive selection to choose from when shopping for insurance companies. Do you have a solid client list? Even if you do, it is not a guarantee that you will always maintain a consistent client database.

To keep your insurance agency prosperous, you need to always be marketing your product and services. Message Ninja can help you do just that! Though our ringless voicemail technology platform, you can deliver any specific message you would like to any amount of geographical areas, bringing in new business for your insurance agency. Your message is delivered directly to voicemail allowing the cell phone recipients the ability to listen to your message on their time. This cell phone technology platform is FCC, TCPA and CRTC compliant.

Think about it, there are over 320 million cell phone users in North America and the cell phone voicemail open rate has been estimated at 95%. By using our ringless voicemail platform, you no longer have to worry about hang-ups, or not reaching the public. Plus this marketing innovation tool costs just pennies per marketing touch. Contact the Message Ninja today. We would love to share information with you about this compliant voicemail marketing!