the bed in the hotel room represents hotels and motels

The Message Ninja can help promote business growth for the hotel/motel industry through cost-effective voicemail marketing

Due to today’s technology and the internet, the consumer is able to shop for the best hotel and motel prices, amenities and locations. Don’t wait for the consumer to locate your hotel or motel by chance. Turn to ringless voicemail marketing, a cost-effective tool to promote business growth and advertise your hotel or motel. In addition to the ability to send a personalized message the cellphone voicemails of hundreds, thousands and more, this innovative cellphone marketing technology is affordable and easy to use!

In comparison with direct-mail marketing, voicemail marketing costs less, helps you communicate more rapidly and builds momentum more quickly. Effective marketing takes time and money. In addition, it takes strategy, and a well thought out plan and schedule of marketing touches and follow-ups, because one ad, one postcard or one promotion, no matter how enticing and exciting, isn’t going to make much of a difference. Follow up is key in bringing in new prospects and leads.

Ringless voicemail marketing allows you to legally access cellphones across North America, leaving your unique message in the voicemails of cell phone users, allowing them to listen to your voicemail message on their time. Contact Message Ninja today to obtain information about this exciting new marketing cellphone platform!