Spread the Word about your Preplanned Services

Stop paying the premium for advertising that may or may not reach your target audience. Message Ninja ringless voicemail marketing is an inexpensive - yet highly effective way—to promote your preplanned services! For just pennies per message, you can tap into local markets and reach more people, more quickly, and with greater results

Message Ninja Supports Your Ongoing Marketing Strategy

Generate sales momentum and build interest by sharing several messages with your target market over time. Message Ninja ringless voicemail marketing gives you unparalleled flexibility to deliver an inexpensive first-touch, and you can use ringless voicemails to follow up on other marketing efforts you already have in place like direct mail content marketing.

Message Ninja Allows You to Do Affordable Telemarketing

Our telephone-based marketing platform is FCC, FTC, and CRTC compliant by creating a server-to-server connection to deliver your voicemail message.

  • The recipient’s cell phone never rings
  • You can now effectively reach thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people in your local area
  • Focus your efforts on specific zip codes, area codes, or cities
  • Perfectly replicate a 1:1 marketing touch … thousands of times!
  • Enjoy the access and cost-effectiveness of robo-dialing, but in an unobtrusive and legally compliant format

Start Your Campaign Today

You can create different campaigns to reach different target audiences, initiate follow-up campaigns, or complement other promotional efforts. With Message Ninja’s low-cost program your options are limitless.

Benefits to Funeral Homes

Discreetly advertise with ringless voicemail messages, which are compliant with all telemarketing laws, and we supply the cell phone numbers to your local market.

At just pennies per marketing touch, you can advertise across many geographical areas all at once, and increase messaging frequency to achieve greater advertising effectiveness.

Ringless voicemail marketing campaigns are so easy to set up, you can plan a campaign today and launch it at any point in the future to create sales momentum when you need it most.

Create a multi-pronged marketing strategy and cost-effectively support other promotional efforts (now that’s a competitive advantage!)

Because they’re delivered directly into voicemail accounts, your unique messages are non-intrusive and non-disruptive to potential customers