the woman with the flower in her hair represents special events and wedding trunk shows

Planning your Special Events (Circuses, Wedding Trunk Shows, etc.) takes time and creativity

Planning and organizing your special events takes creativity, organization and a promotional plan to ensure your event is well attended in order to get a good return on your investment. How do you broadcast your special events? Every type of event such as circuses, wedding trunk shows, etc. requires a quick turnaround on advertising response to project how many people will be attending your event. With all that has to be done, who has the time to make phone calls, etc.? There is too much to be done setting up your event.

Let Message Ninja take your worries away! We are excited to announce our brand new cellphone technology platform, ringless voicemail marketing. This is a great marketing tool to use to inform the public of your upcoming events. All you need to do is prepare a personal message, and at the touch of a button, your message will be delivered to a multitude of cell phone users, going directly into their voicemail, where they are able to listen to your message at their convenience.

Ringless voicemail marketing is affordable too, at just pennies per marketing touch! Contact Message Ninja today! We would love to share information with you about this compliant marketing system.