the doctor talking with a patient represents doctors offices

How is your patient roster?  Do you need help recruiting more clientele for your doctor’s office?

With today’s ObamaCare and the fact that many people have had to change their insurance coverage more than once, trying to get the best rates, your patient roster might not be as filled as it once was. What was once a guaranteed patient; can change at a moment’s notice affecting your bottom line!

Don’t let this happen to you—the Message Ninja can help you simplify your patient recruitment process, and all at pennies per marketing touch using ringless voicemail, an exciting new cellphone technology platform. Your personalized messages are delivered directly to voicemail, allowing the recipient to listen to your message on their own time. And not only can you promote your doctor’s or physician’s office through ringless voicemail, you can also take advantage of this innovative marketing tool by utilizing it to let your patients know about special health concerns in the communities or about office closings during the holidays. You can reach out to hundreds of leads and prospects at the touch of a button with this innovative marketing tool helping you with improved marketing results!

Contact the Message Ninja today. We will be happy to share information with you about this exciting new voicemail technology!