the couple kissing represents dating services

Reach out nationally and advertise your dating service through ringless voicemail marketing

Dating services are becoming more popular since many people don’t like meeting strangers at a bar or they just don’t have the time or want to make the effort in search of companionship.   Dating services are springing up all over! And now, people have a wide selection to choose from, whether it be a dating service for older people, country people, etc., it’s out there!

Don’t wait for people to come to you—seek them out and let them know why your dating service is the right fit for them!

Message Ninja would like to help you deliver your message through the latest cellphone technology platform. Through ringless voicemail marketing—a compliant marketing system, you are able to deliver your unique message at pennies per marketing touch promoting your dating service. You select the geographic areas you would like to target and your message will be sent to a multitude of voicemails allowing the recipients to listen to your message on their own time. Contact Message Ninja today to help you expand your business by generating more leads and prospects through ringless voicemail marketing!