the volunteers packing boxes represents charities

Get contributions for your charities through ringless voicemail marketing!

In this day and age, many people are working hard to earn a living, with little money left over to give to charities. You get this! What if you could bring in more donations delivering a compassionate message to the public and businesses on reasons to give to charities, how many people/animals the donations affect, where the funds go to and most importantly that any donation size is appreciated? Most importantly, the public needs the reassurance where their donations are going. Due to reports of misuse of charitable funds by organizations over the years, people are apprehensive about donating and have concerns that their charitable donations will be delivered without being scaled down due to administration fees, etc.

Message Ninja can help you to achieve this through ringless voice mail. You can convey in your message how any donations you receive will be put to good use and give the assurance that the majority of the donations are going directly to the charity.

Here’s how it works! You create your unique message and what geographic areas you would like to broadcast your message. Your message is sent at the touch of a button directly to the voicemails of cell phone users, allowing them to listen to your message on their time. This ringless voicemail marketing tool is affordable, at the cost of pennies per marketing touch—and you don’t get charged for the messages that do not go through. The cell phone platform is FCC, TCPA and CRTC compliant and you have legal access to as many cell phones as you choose. Contact Message Ninja today about this exciting new cell phone technology!