the carpet cleaner represents the carpet cleaning service

How well is your carpet cleaning business well known?

At one time or another, the public reaches out to a carpet cleaning service, especially major businesses and corporations. Is your carpet cleaning business well known in your community? Are you not advertising because it can be expensive and time consuming?

Message Ninja can help you advertise your carpet cleaning business through a new cellphone technology platform—ringless voicemail marketing. Here’s how it works! You record a unique voicemail message promoting your carpet cleaning services. You determine the geographical area you want to promote your carpet cleaning services to. Then, your voicemail is delivered directly to the inboxes of cell phone users. Your message is consistent and you only have to say it once. And, you don’t have to worry about continual hang ups and repeating your message to every one you contact. Plus, once your message is delivered, the consumer can listen to your message on their time, when there are no distractions.

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