Looking for a Cheap Marketing Option to Drive Business This Holiday Season?

Do More for Less with Ringless Voicemail as Your Cheap Marketing Alternative

Cheap Marketing Option for the Holiday Season

This is the time of year when small businesses are thinking hard about driving traffic into their retail stores or their websites. With so much added competition for eyes and action, how can you gain the most benefit for every marketing dollar you spend? And while you're at it, how can you ensure that those marketing dollars actually turn into valuable new or recurring business?

If you haven't looked into ringless voicemails, now is the best time to do so. Ringless voicemail marketing gives you access to cheap marketing options that your competitors may not be leveraging. In fact, ringless voicemails are a compliant way to reach more people in your target market than ever before.

The recipient’s cell phone doesn't ring, but you can leave a voicemail message that they can receive at their leisure. This voice mail message may offer a special benefit, promote a new product, or give the recipient a coupon or other incentive to use when they visit your store or website. Truly, your voicemail can do anything you want. When you pair that voicemail message with a corresponding answering machine message, it's like you're getting to marketing messages for the price of one! People respond as well, with response rates often in the double digits! (Obviously, promotional message do better than informational messages, so make sure to include an offer, giveaway, contest, or other premium!)

Ringless voice mail messages are pennies per touch compared to the cost of other direct marketing efforts. In fact, ringless voicemails are a quarter of the price of the next cheapest form of direct mail marketing, small-format postcards. So if you're looking for a cheap marketing alternative to get more from your marketing dollar, look no further than Message Ninja ringless voicemail marketing. We’re here to help you craft a compelling message with a clear call to action that will make a difference for your business this holiday season. Because cheap marketing doesn’t mean ineffective marketing … especially with Message Ninja in your corner!

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