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Promote your bank with an affordable marketing solution!

The banking business is a very competitive market. And, many banks try to stay ahead of their competition by offering innovative promotions to bring in new customers and ensure they keep their current clientele. Advertising can be costly. And, most likely more often than not, your direct mail advertisements go straight into the wastebasket. Eliminate that possibility by using our brand new innovative marketing tool … ringless voicemail marketing.

Ringless voicemail marketing gives you legal access to cellphones at the simple push of a button. You create your unique voicemail message which is sent to cellphone users in the geographic areas you select. The recipients of your voicemail listen to your message on their own time. The cellphone technology platform is FCC, TCPA and CRTC compliant. Can spam, ad texting or robo call rules do not apply.

Think about it—cellphone voicemail has been projected to have a 95% open rate. And instead of the cost of direct mail, your message is delivered at pennies per marketing touch! Contact the Message Ninja today. We would love to share information with you about this innovative marketing opportunity!