the gavel represents the auction

Promote your auctions through ringless voicemail marketing

With the expansion of the internet, there is now a competitive market promoting auction websites. And because of this, there are many more product selections available for auction such as art, automobiles, video equipment, etc. People enjoy attending auctions because they like to feel that their dollars are well spent. What drives the audience to your website or live auction site and how do you promote your auctions? Are you generating a good return on investment? Are you making the public aware of your auctions through advertising?

Advertising is key! We all know that. And how you get your message across is imperative to the growth of your business. The Message Ninja can help you promote your auctions through ringless voicemail marketing. Think about it, there are still many leads and prospects out there for you! They just need to know about your auctions. Don’t wait for them to come to you, go to them! Reach out by leaving a personalized voicemail message for the public about your auction, dates and times of the events and contact information. This innovative marketing tool is very affordable.

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